Create your future memories

Aftrparty is a kickstarter for social plans that facilitates planning, communicating, hosting and attending, social gatherings.

Making plans should be a piece of cake

Whether you're the one planning or just looking for something to do, we've got you covered.

Event Creation

Who said you can't plan an event with only a few clicks? Bring your idea to reality in seconds.

Keep things Private

Keep your event details hidden until just the right moment. Only let the people you want to know where your event will be.

Let's put an end to these messages....forever

An app for the when & where of fun

Social Calendar

FOMO is a thing of the past. Afterparty is the first truly future facing social platform. Stay in the know and keep all of your social events organized.

Planning Events

Let's face it, planning anything can feel like pulling teeth. Make it easy on yourself and plan it with Afterparty. In a couple of clicks you can setup your event and let your friends know too.

Event Based Group Chats

Gone are the days of group chats cluttering up your text messages. No more random numbers or missing out on information because you got added late. Group messaging tied to an event just makes sense.

The Chip-In Feature

Planning anything can be pricey and asking others to help out can be an awkward ask. Take all the pressure away and you're left with a way to chip-in for that party that's easier than Venmo.

Stay Informed

Input your email and we'll send you updates about the app and events

Stop worrying about your weekend plans.